A Counter Depth Refrigerator Is Worth the Extra Cost, Here Is Why






If you are reading this, chances are you are considering investing in a new refrigerator and you want to know if a counter depth refrigerator is the best option or you want to know if it is worth the extra cost. Or perhaps you are looking for a refrigerator that wouldn’t take up much space in your kitchen and give you enough room to run your kitchen duties. Counter depth refrigerators are full-size models, and some of them come with a freezer compartment while some don’t.

This style of refrigerators are increasingly becoming popular due to their unique features, but they also have their cons too. These style of refrigerators sacrifice about 6 inches of fridge depth in order to prevent the body of the fridge from sticking out past your cabinets. With a counter depth refrigerator, you will have the aesthetic look of a built-in fridge at a more affordable rate.

The reason why a lot of people go for this style of the fridge is to have a more streamlined look that is appealing to the eyes. Nevertheless, these models are usually wider and higher than conventional depth models of the same storage capacity. Though these style of refrigerators have a lot of benefits, they also have some constraints as well, and you’d want to consider that before investing in one. You need to ask yourself if it is really worth paying more for less storage space. But to help you make a reasonable decision, here are some of the reasons why a counter depth refrigerator is worth the extra cost.

It Provides You with Much-Needed Space in Your Kitchen

Not all kitchens have spare or sufficient space for a standard refrigerator, and a refrigerator is essential in every home. A standard depth refrigerator will be deeper than your cabinet and its neighboring counters. It might even protrude into the main traffic zone, and most homeowners find this pretty annoying. Counter depth refrigerators promote better traffic flow in your kitchen, as they don’t eat up the space you need in your kitchen. So if you have a small kitchen or you just don’t want a refrigerator that would create a degree of inconvenience, then a counter depth refrigerator is definitely worth the extra cost.

Streamlined Look

With a counter depth fridge, your cabinets, fridge, and other appliances will have a streamlined view. A counter depth fridge will perfectly fit into your kitchen and give it a more uniform profile. It will be in line with your cabinets, giving your kitchen a neat and smooth look always.

They Offer Better Storage Possibilities

As mentioned earlier, counter depth refrigerators are higher and wider than conventional refrigerators. While some people may see this as a disadvantage, it is one of the major advantages of this style of refrigerators as it offers better storage possibilities. Due to their wide nature, you will be able to store wide cold cut trays and other wider items that would not fit into a conventional refrigerator. This provides you with more storage options that a narrower refrigerator would deny you of.

Even though a counter depth refrigerator has some cons such as small freezer compartments and wider profile, they still offer a whole lot of benefits. Depending on the feature you need most, counter depth refrigerators are definitely worth the extra cost as they have the ability to improve your kitchen space and transform it for the better.

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