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Soon to be mommies are on the constant lookout on how they could save money while they are pregnant because they know that once the baby comes out, the bills would keep piling up. Although the need for comfortable maternity wear should not be put in the last of the list of “must-have” during pregnancy since a soon to be mommy who is relaxed and comfy would make the baby in the tummy calm and happy.

But what’s a money savvy mommy to be got to do to save money on maternity wear?

Look For Affordable Clothes Online

Online shopping became second nature to people now, especially when it comes to clothes since it is easier and more convenient. No more need to queue in the fitting room and the cashier. But you have to remember to know that online shopping for clothes is fine as long as you are aware of your size. This could be a trial and error procedure since a small in some stores could be a medium in another.

It might be more difficult shopping for maternity wear since your size would be changing as you go along with your pregnancy, but with the convenience of never leaving your home, it is worth it. Plus, online stores could offer their products at a cheaper price since their operating cost is lower and you could exchange the clothes if it is a size too small or too big.

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Shop / Ask For Second-Hand Clothes

Another way you could save money on maternity clothes is if you buy from second-hand stores or ask your family and friends for hand me downs. There is nothing wrong with these just make sure that you thoroughly wash before wearing especially those you have bought from thrift stores.

DIY Your Own Maternity Wear

If you are skilled when it comes to sewing, why not sew your own maternity wear? You could buy fabrics that are more affordable and you could also sew a matching outfit for your soon to arrive bundle of joy. You could also scour your husband’s closet and look for clothes that he is not wearing anymore and fashion them into a flowy blouse, a loose dress or a skirt.

Buy Clothes You Could Still Wear After Pregnancy

Pregnant ladies sometimes defer from buying maternity wear because they are thinking they would not use them anymore after they deliver, especially those who are planning to get pregnant only once. If you share the same thinking, you could still buy maternity wear that you could wear after pregnancy. Look for clothes that are adjustable and you could shrink down after you have delivered. Or opt for dresses that you could wear with a belt.

Being frugal does not mean you have to sacrifice your comfort (and your sense of style). You just have to be wise when it comes to shopping for clothes. Make your money count and if it is clothes you could see yourself still wearing after your pregnancy and in the years to come and it goes well with your existing clothes and shoes, it is worth it.

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